Lumbini Tour

Buddhist circuit tour of Lumbini, Kapilavastu & Ramgram
  • Mayadevi temple at Lumbini the birth place of Buddha
    Mayadevi temple, Lumbini - the birthplace of Buddha
  • Ramgram stupa the only existing Buddha relic stupa
    Ramgram stupa - the only existing Buddha relic
  • World peace pagoda
    World peace pagoda in 6 X 2 km Lumbini zone
  • Tilaurakot palace ruin where Buddha spent 29 years
    Tilaurakot ruin - Buddha spent 29 years as prince

Lumbini tour could be organized as a day trip from Kathmandu or a 4 days Lumbini Buddhist circuit tour visiting the most important sites related to Buddha. A Lumbini day trip visits the 6 by 2 km area developed under master plan, which nestles Mayadevi temple – the exact birthplace of Buddha, monastic zone and Lumbini tourist village.

The 'Lumbini Buddhist Circuit Tour' is a visual aid to the life of Buddha and development of Buddhism. While it is a pilgrimage tour on one hand, on the other hand it displays the great archaeological triumph of mankind. There are 62 archaeological sites in Lumbini region, which marks different events in Buddha's life.

The 4 days Lumbini tour includes visit of Lumbini development zone, Kapilavastu ( Tilaurakot palace where Buddha spent 29 years as prince Siddhartha), Kudan (first monastery built to house Buddha and his followers), Ramagram stupa (Only unearthed early Buddha relic stupa), Sagarhawa and other important sites related with Buddha.

Lumbini tour package for Nepali

Customize Lumibni tour as a day trip by flight from Kathmandu and Pokhara or combine with tour of Pokhara and Chitwan. Request ?

Price : From USD 260 +
Lumbini tour could be organized with in as less as 2 nights 3 days for USD 260 / person from Kathmandu and back. The price includes private car, deluxe room with breakfast in Hotel Ananda Inn or similar and a guided tour with entrance fees.
Duration : 3 nights 4 days
Season : Oct - April
Best time is from Mid Oct - April, but the tour could be done throughout year.
Accommodation : Standard & Deluxe
Transport : Private car or Flight

Best Nepal tour for rainy seasonBest tour for autumn and winter

The Lumbini tour is one of the best tours for Autumn and winter. The moderate temperature and bright days of October, November and December make it the best time to visit Lumbini with its tropical climate. Temperature ranges from 8 - 30 during these months with warm October and cooler December. January may have some foggy days disrupting flights. However, driving tours are fine throughout winter.

Vesak day 2022

Visit Lumbini for the Buddha Purnima or Vesak day 2022 celebration. This is the day when Buddha was born, enlightened and attended Mahaparinirvana. Vesak  2022 is celebrated on May 26. The 4 day Lumbini tour is a great way of honoring Buddha, understanding Buddha’s life and Buddhism. Spend time in the monastic zone praying and renew your determination to pursue teachings.

Lumbini tour review

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Arranged a tour in Lumbini, Kathmandu including a Mountain Flight to Everest. Rabi was ever so helpful in organising the tour to suit my requirement as I was on an official tour. ...

Lumbini Tour Itinerary

Day 01: Fly or drive to Lumbini
Flight from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa takes 35 mints and from there it is 30 mints drive to Lumbini. One can also drive to Lumbini (321 km / 8 hrs) from Kathmandu. Overnight in Hotel

Day 02: Breakfast | Lumbini Tour
The UNESCO World heritage site of Lumbini is developed under master plan in the area of 6 Km x 2 km. We will start our tour from the 'New Tourist village and visit the World peace pagoda and museum. This is also the pilgrimage concept of master plan to introduce Buddhism and purify mind through monastic zone. Monasteries of Mahayani and Teravadi Buddhism are spread across the cannon. Finally visit the Mayadevi temple protecting the 'Marker Stone', Statue of nativity scene and ruins of old temple walls dating from 3rd BC to 12 AD. Asoka pillar still displays the inscriptions explaining his visit to the birth place of Buddha.

Day 03: Religious and archaeological sites of Kapilavastu
Drive and visit religious and archaeological sites of Tilaurakot, Gotihawa, Kudan, Niglihara and Sagarhawa. Tilaurakot is the ancient Kapilavastu - the capital of Shakyas, where Buddha spent his first 29 years. Kudan was where Buddha was received by his father after his access to enlightenment. King Suddhodana specially built the Kudan (Nigrodharma Park) for the accommodation of the Buddha and his followers. Gotihawa is the birth place of Krakuchanda Buddha. Niglihawa is where Kanakmuni Buddha was born. Sagarhawa is the archaeological findings as "place of the massacre of the Shakyas". Overnight in Lumbini

Day 04: Devdaha - Ramgram - back to Kathmandu
Drive and visit religious and archaeological sites at Devdaha and Ramagram. Devdaha is the ancient capital of the Koliya kingdom. It is the maternal hometown of Queen Mayadevi (mother), Prajapati Gautami (stepmother), Princess Yasodhara (consort) and where Prince Siddhartha had spent his childhood. Ramgrama is the brick mound on the bank of the Jharahi River. It is seven meter high brick stupa consisting of relic (one of the eight astha dhatu) of Lord Buddha. The Stupa was built by the king of Ramgrama, who was the eighth king to obtain the Buddha's relics.

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Highlights of Lumbini tour w/ pictures

Buddha Jayanti in Lumbini

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For hundreds of years Nepal became safe haven for Buddhist practices while India was going through conflict. Kathmandu became the center of Vajrayana practices and many teachers including Padmashambhava went to Tibet via Kathmandu. Buddhist pilgrimage tour of Nepal focus on visit to meditation caves of Padmashambhava, Milarepa, tour of Lumbini and other Buddhist monuments.

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It just takes 12 days to visit four Buddhist power places scattered in India and Nepal. Fly to Varanasi, India and then drive visiting the Buddhist pilgrimage sites of Sarnath (first sermon), Boudhgaya (place of Buddha’s enlightenment), Kushinagar (Mahaparinirvana) and finally drive to Nepal and visit Lumbini (birthplace) ending the tour with visits of Buddhist sites of Kathmandu.
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    Lumbini Tour

    the exact birthplace of Buddha and the 1X3 miles Lumbini master plan

    Maratika cave tour

    Maratika Cave can be reached by 10 hrs drive or 15 mints Helicopter ride. Maratika cave is where Padmasambhava – Guru Rimpoche did Sadhana of longevity Buddha Amitayus and attended the second vidyadhaha level.

    Ramgram Stupa

    Only undug Buddha relic Stupa our of the first 8 built right after Buddha's death.

    One week Buddhist Tour

    Buddhist tour of Nepal and India

    Visit Bodhgaya, Lumbini and other Buddhist pilgrimage sites of India and Nepal just in one week.

    Lumbini tour 12 days

    With Pokhara & Chitwan

    12 Days Nepal tour of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan via Lumbini. Himalayan experience, tiger chase on the Asian Elephant and the enchantment of Lumbini. You can have it all with comfortable and smooth journey and best stay.

    Rent Car, 4WD, Van, Bus Best cars, quick response, easy booking.

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    The Monk & the Sarus

    A monk's effort to recreate harmony between human and nature in Lumbini
    Harmony between human and nature in Lumbini

    Book Flight to Lumbini

    Ktm - Bhairahawa : US $ 116
    Flight : 8:40, 16:10

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    Optional Activities

    Everest Sightseeing Flight
    It just takes 1 hr to have close look of Himalayan peaks with Mt Everest. Experience the world's best mountain flight.

    News - Lumbini & Buddhism

    Tilaurakot Palace
    Tilaurakot Palace ruins have been going through series of excavation following the possibility of the site being enlisted by UNESCO. The area of 500 m by 405 m have been protected as the ancient Tilaurakot palace where Buddha spent 29 years as Price Siddhartha.
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    Lumbini the world peace city
    The new master plan for Lumbini in a shape of lotus spanning the area of 25 sq miles around the existing plan has been purposed by a Korean team. The plan has five circles - Buddha Zone (sacred place) at the center, encircled by Dharma Zone and then Sangha Zone, new rural villages and upasika and upasaka zone at the outer most circles. More >