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Gurkha (Gorkha) & Manakamana tour

cultural tour, Homestay, village tour & hiking

Gorkha, situated at 140 km west of Kathmandu at an altitude of 1,135 meter, is the ancestral hometown of the Nepal's royal family. Gorkha is only 24 km up a paved road of the Pokhara-Kathmandu Highway. A brief visit on the way to or from Pokhara would provide more insights into Nepal than one is likely to get at lakeside in Pokhara.
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Gorkha's small town is perhaps the most important historical town of Nepal. From its hilltop fortess, King Prithvi Narayan Shah, the ninth generation paternal ancestor of the saha king, launched his lifelong attempt to unify the independent states of Nepal, a wildly ambitious project which succeeded due to his brilliance, and the effectiveness of his locally recruited troops. The British term "Gurkha" evolved from the name Gorkha, referring to the famed fighting soldiers of the region.
Gorkha's main attraction is the magnificent Gorkha Durbar with a fort, a palace and a temple with excellent views of the surrounding valleys, and the Mansalu range.

Manakamana tour

Manakamana temple is 100 km / 3 hrs on Kathmandu - Pokhara highway. An Austrian - engineered cable car sweeps up an almost impossibly steep hillside to the ancient Manakamana temple, one of the most important temples in Nepal. Hindus believe that the goddess Bhagwati, an incarnation of Parvati, has the power to grant wishes. Pilgrims sacrifice goat or free pigeon according to their vow as their wishes are fulfilled. Beside being center of culture and religion, the ridge top Manakamana temple also ovvers good veiw of Mt, Manaslu.

Gorkha - Manakamana Hiking, village tour and homestay :

Day 01 : Drive to Kurintar (100 km / 3 hrs) and take a cable car to Manakamana temple at 1,350 m hill overlooking the Gorkha and Himalayas towards north. Walk down to Betini village (20 mints) to be guest of community homestay. Village tour, sunset view over the himilayas and cultural program in the evening.

Day 02 : After breakfast start our trek to Bkreshower Mahadev temple and Lakhan Thapa cave. The Himalayan view appears magnificent from the Lakhan Thapa cave and above. The trail further follows the ridge through the forest for 2 hrs and finally come down to little hamlet of Tinmane Bhanjyang. From there we gradually climb down to Khimti Bhanjyang and drive to Gorkha.

Day 03 : Hike to the palace of Gorkha in the morning. The hill offers magnificent view of Manaslu range. After breakfast drive back to Kathmandu or Pokhara.
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