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× Tiji Festival Mustang 10 days trans-Himalayan road trip from 2 May 2021.

Nepal road trips are all about visiting scenic hill towns, national parks, and village tours with much deeper insight of the country. Driving in a private vehicle gives you flexibility of stopping anywhere you like and explore the less visited part of Nepal. With extension of road, it has been possible to drive and explore many Himalayan destinations available only for hardcore trekkers in the past. Leave your car / motorcycle parked and enjoy day hiking, jungle safari and cultural tours that come along the way.

Upper Mustang - 14 days
All Nepal Tour - 12 days
Driving tour with Bardia National park - 12 days
Rara Lake & Bardia - 16 days

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Nepal Road Trip Review

we have enjoyed our trip very much, everything went smooth, we found the way out of Kathmandu easily and managed to stay on the road, which was okay the whole way except maybe a short part after the landslide that apparently happens every year in this region. the local people we met on the way were very friendly and even invited us home when we gave a lift to a local woman with a child to the next village which was on our way. we also found easily Pasang in Syabru besi and enjoyed the rough ride to the village. the home stay was nice and food very tasty and it was also great fun to watch the family preparing the food as well as doing the usual homework.
we had a chance to walk around the village the next morning and found some kind speak quiet some English. it would probably be very curious for visitors to have a chance to see some of the typical (and trivial to the locals) activities of their everyday life - i know that winter probably is not the best season, but in spring or summer i am sure visitors would appreciate such experience very much. we did a short trek in the morning to the lake and the nature was just amazing, it was indeed pity to leave so fast. Pasang was very helpful and told us many interesting facts about the local life and we enjoyed our time with him very much complacent on the way back, we somehow got a bit lost before arriving to Trishuli but after exiting the national park zone. we had some fun when we finally found ourselves on a "highway" which i identified on the map as the one between kathmandu and pokhara (!) so you can imagine that we made quite a de-tour... The thing is we stopped at few villages to ask for directions to Kakani, but not only Kakani but even the capital - Kathmandu were not known to the locals (in terms of in which direction to go)... so finally we had to give up and start asking for Kathmandu which we finally identified from the highway to Pokhara..
we hope to be back to Nepal (and also Tibet) sometime soon!
- Oxana Kukhaneva- Self drive to Langtang

Rara Lake and Bardia 16 days

Rara Lake and Bardia road trip
16 days | Max Altitude : 2,290 m | Grade : Adventurious | : Teahouse / hotel

The road trip initially follows the highway to Chitwan National Park and then heads west to Bardia National park. Bardai national park is pristine habitat of illusive Royal Bengal Tigers. After spending 3 nights in Bardia, we will head further west to Surkhet and then cruise on dirt road for couple of days to Rara Lake. On the way back visit Tansen and Pokhara.
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Upper Mustang 14 days

Road trip to upper Mustang
14 days | Max Altitude : 3,700 m | Grade : Adventurious | : Teahouse / hotel

Mustang remained accessible to very few trekkers until recently because of geographical and political intricacy. The Buddhist kingdom nourished unique Tibetan Buddhist practices and culture unlike it’s counterpart in Tibet. With the extension of dirt road, it has been possible to drive through the world’s deepest Himalayan gorge to the lost Tibetan kingdom of Mustang.
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All Nepal Tour 12 days

Bandipur Pokhara Lumbini Chitwan Tour
Mt Fishtail seen from Sarangkot - Nepal road trip
12 days | Max Altitude : 2,000 m | Grade : Moderate | : Hotel / Resort

‘All Nepal tour’ connects the most popular tourist destinations of Nepal with the road trip. Since it is mostly driving through the Nepalese highway, the journey is comfortable with luxury cars. The road trip could also be customized to break down the driving distances. We will visit hill station towns like Bandipur and Sarangkot; jungle safari in Chitwan National park and visit Lumbini and Pokhara.
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Nepal Tour with Bardia

12 days Nepal tour with Bardia National park
Nepal road trip to Bardia national park.
12 days | Max Altitude : 1,500 m | Grade : Moderate | : Hotel / Resort

The road trip gives you an opportunity to visit Bardia national park in the mid-western region of Nepal. Bardia is less visited national park with more chances of Tiger sighting. This tour program also includes visit to pristine hill stations making it an option for second time visitors as well.
Nepal road trip w/ Bardia >

Varanasi - Kathmandu road trip

12 days from Varanasi, India to Kathmandu Nepal
It just takes 12 days to visit four Buddhist power places scattered in India and Nepal. Fly to Varanasi, India and then drive visiting the Buddhist pilgrimage sites of Sarnath (first sermon), Boudhgaya (place of Buddha’s enlightenment), Kushinagar (Mahaparinirvana) and finally drive to Nepal and visit Lumbini (birthplace) ending the tour with visits of Buddhist sites of Kathmandu.
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Tibet driving tour

Drive from Kathmandu to Lhasa, Tibet via Everest north base camp and explore the historic city of Shigatse & Lhasa.
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Short Everest trek to Tengobhce blog

In search of Everest & High Himalaya

Nepal walking holiday
Gentle walking holiday in Nepal with comfortable stay
Nepal walking tour is for those looking for gentle walking holiday with relaxing stay in the foothills of the Himalayas with exotic cultural experience and Himalayan scenery. Details >
Langtang Heli Trek
Langtang Heli-trek is the best way of experiencing Himalayan trek for those short of time. The helicopter flies into alpine meadow surrounded by snow peaks leaving us with easy and scenic peace of trek. Details >

Trekking with kids

Family trek in the Himalayas
We have long experience of organizing treks and other adventures in the Himalaya for family and kids. We have choices of Hotels with interconnecting bedrooms and interesting and educational activities for them.
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Kathmandu - Lhasa Tour
Combine short trek in Nepal with 3 nights 4 days Lhasa Tour starting and ending in Kathmandu, Nepal.
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Bhutan Tour (4 days)
Combine your short trek in Nepal with Bhutan. Experience the warm hospitality, culture and unsurpassed nature amid homely comfort. Details >

Witness the mystic Tantric Buddhist festival of Tiji in Mustang, the last vestiges of medieval Tibet.Details >

Optional Activities

EVEREST sightseeing flight
1 hr EVEREST sightseeing flight leaves every morning from Kathmandu. This is the best way of capturing 5 out of the 10 highest mountains in the World including Mt. Everest.
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Chitwan National Park is home to many endangered mammals including one horned rhinoceros & Royal Bengal Tiger.
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Adventure in Pokhara
Pokhara provides ground for adventure tourism. Try the World's most extreme Zip Flyer. Accelerate down 2,000 ft with speed of 140 KMH. Make your free flying dream comes true by paragliding or get close to mysterious Himalayan peaks with Ultra light flights. All in perfect natural setting of Himalayan peak and turquoise lake. More >

Yoga Relaxation package
Yoga for pre & Post trekking stretching and muscle relaxation combined with meditation. Details