Royal Bengal Tiger in Chitwan National park

Chitwan National Park tour

No of Tiger in Nepal increased from 235 to 355 in last 4 years according to latest census.
Large portion of Nepal is being protected as National Parks and Wild Life Reserves. These protected areas are teaming with diverse wildlife and exotic bird species for which Chitwan National Park is also recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. A full board Chitwan tour package based in safari lodges give you chance to explore the jungle on four wheel drive, guided jungle walk, canoe ride, elephant safari and more.

Chitwan Tour Packages

Write us to customize Chitwan tours with activities you like. Spend plenty of time in the jungle bird watching, jungle walk or private jeep safari. Be on the most pristine side of the jungle and ride properly treated government elephants or elephants with less workload.

Chitwan Tour 3 days

Jeep safari in Chitwan

USD 140 + includes :

  • Accommodation in Hotel Parklad or similar for 2 nights.
  • Safari package with three meals a day.
  • National park fee and community forest entry fees.
  • Jungle safari by elephant or jeep, canoe andJungle walk.
  • One way tourist bus to Chitwan National park.

Day 1: Drive or fly to Chitwan & Check in the Safari Lodge. You will be scheduled for village tour and sunset view. After dinner, go for Tharu cultural show.

Day 2: Morning, go for an elephant back safari, come back and have breakfast. After breakfast wallow with elephant in the river. Give a bath to the elephant. Lunch and in the evening go on a dug out canoe to spot crocodiles. Jungle walk and visit the Elephant breeding center.

Day 3: Easy morning and drive back to Kathmandu or Pokhara after breakfast.

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Day 4 options
You can do Jeep safai inside the National park for 4 - 5 hrs. Let us know if you wish to visit crocodile breeding center or overnight stay in tower (Machan) inside the jungle.

Chitwan Tour w/ Trishuli Rafting 4 days

Trishuli Rafting on the way to Chitwan The highway to Chitwan goes along Trishuli - the most popular White water rafting river in Nepal. Trishuli is the best river for beginners and intermediate rafters. Trishuli rafting is fun, exciting and the best way to take a break from continuous drive. Spend overnight on the pristine beach with a campfire and barbecue.

USD 250 + includes :

  • Tourist bus to rafting put in point and then to Chitwan the next day.
  • Accommodation in our riverside resort with all meals.
  • Rafting in Trishuli River
  • Accommodation in Hotel Parklad or similar for 2 nights.
  • Safari package with three meals a day.
  • National park fee and community forest entry fees.
  • Jungle safari by elephant or jeep, canoe and Jungle walk.

Day 1: Drive to Chraundi (80 km Trishuli Rafting put in point). Rafting in Trishuli for about 3 hrs and lunch. Overnight in our river bank resort to enjoy the tranquil river bank. Dinner

Day 2: Enjoy the morning breakfast with the chripping of birds and burbling river with lush view. Later come to the highway to catch the bus and then drive two hours to Chitwan national park. Check in Safari lodge / lunch. later go fo a walk and sunset view. Tharu cultural show and dinner.

Day 3: Morning, go for an elephant ride, come back and have breakfast. Alternately you can also go on a jeep safari. After breakfast wallow with elephant in the river. Give a bath to the elephant. Lunch and in the evening go in a dugout canoe to watch crocodile, birds and animals coming to drink water. Short walk in the jungle and be back before dusk. Dinner

Day 4: Check out the lodge to drive to Pokhara or back to Kathmandu.

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Bird Watcher's paradise 3 nights 4 days

Indain Roller Bird found in Chitwan National Park The package is based in a lodge at the undisturbed and tranquil location adjoining the National park forest. You can observe hundreds of bird species in the resort’s garden itself. We custom make your package with bird experts to keep you engaged and excited.

Day 1: Drive or fly to Chitwan National park. Later visit the local village (Tharu ethnic group) and walk back to the lodge through the community forest watching birds. Enjoy the sunset from the bank of Rapti river and look for animals across. Participate in the Tharu cultural dance in the evening. Dinner

Day 2: Canoe ride in the morning to watch aquatic birds and flocks of migratory ducks. A whole day jungle walk with back lunch.

Day 3: Bird watching with the whole day jeep safari.

Day 4: More bird watching in the morning and drive to the next destination after breakfast.

NOTE : Bird watching in Chitwan is a private, customized tour up to a week.

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Elephants & ethical tourism !

Recently torture involved in training elephants, driving them and workload have been an issue. Elephants are most eco friendly and effective means to check poaching and patrol the dense jungle. They are not recently captured from the wild but are sheltered now after they are not used anymore for wars, hunting and logging. Tourism is new kind of living for these elephants with which their counterpart in wild and many other endangered species are protected from poaching. So we request you to visit Chitwan National Park but preach for better treatment of elephants. Customize your safari activities with Jeep safari instead and book certain location and lodges and use government elephants which enjoys more freedom.

Chitwan Tour Review

This is the second time we have used iTour Nepal. Mr Rabindra organised our entire trip. Airport transfers, hotel, flights, guides and Chitwan resort. The highlight of the trip was a day's guided bird watching in the Chitwan National Park. Our guide Shivas was knowledgeable - tiger, elephant and rhino tracks and scat - and over 60 species of birds. Mr Rabindra supports sustainable tourism and will take you to places and experiences you will never see otherwise. Authentic Tharu cultural experience in the local village, a resort on the edge of the forest with deer grazing outside our window in the morning, jackals calling as we cooked over the fire, a night sky to die for. I have no hesitation to recommend iTour Nepal.
- Moorhead family

Tower night stay in Chitwan

Tower night stay in Chitwan national park It is possible to spend a night in the tower inside the Chitwan national park. The tower night stay gives you more opportunity to see wildlife in the morning and evening while the jungle is much quieter. This is also an unique opportunity of dining in the wild and sleeping with the sounds of jungle.

Flora and Fauna

Asian one horned Rhino in Chitwan Chitwan National park spread over an area of 932 sq. km is known for its Sal (Shorea rocusta) and riverine forests and grasslands. The park hosts 570 species of flowering plants, 40 species of mammals, 486 species of birds, 17 reptiles and 68 fish species. Because of the occurrence of many endangered plant species such as the tree fern, screw pine and several rare orchids and endangered mammals such as tiger, rhino, wild elephant, gaur (Bos gaurus), striped hyena, sloth bear and Gangetic dolphin, it is declared a World Heritage Site in 1983.

Chitwan Safari Lodges

After Nepal governement didn't extend license of the safari lodges inside the Chitwan National Park, Sauraha has been busy. There are about 80 safari lodges in the outskirt of Chitwan. Some of the lodges are still in the pristine side of the national park. Price varies with services and type of accommodation.


There are daily flights and tourists buses to Chitwan from Kathmandu. Tourist buses leave from Kantipath in the outskirt of Thamel. Both deluxe and standard buses are available from Pokhara and kathmandu. We have car rental bases in Chitwan, Kathmandu and Pokhara for any type of car, SUV, 4WD or Van rental.

Extra activities in Chitwan

Tharu cultural show in Chitwan We can custom make your Chitwan tour with cultural emersion and exciting wildlife experience. Extend your stay and do a day long Jeep safari or jungle walk. Stay in the Tharu homestay and get the day in a life experience. Tharu is simple and happy farmers aboriginal from Chitwan.