Buddhist Tour of Kathmandu

Boudhanath Stupa during Buddha Jayanti
6th century Boudhanath Stupa during Buddha Jayanti.
Nestled in the Himalayan foothill, Kathmandu valley nourished Buddhism during the medieval time. The valley along the trans-Himalayan trade route was a popular Buddhist pilgrimage and learning center. The three stupas of Kathmandu valley have always been the lifetime pilgrimage for Buddhist from around the globe. Renowned Buddhist masters like Nagarjuna, Padmashambhava (Guru Rinpoche), Milarepa and Naropa visited Kathmandu valley. Their meditation caves around Kathmandu are still revered by devotees seeking inspiration.
With more than 500 medieval monasteries, Kathmandu valley served as a prominent center for Buddhist education from the 9th to the 18th century.
Remnants of these monastic towns can still be found today.
Buddhist pilgrimage tour of Kathmandu valley visits Buddhist power places, meditation caves and explores the living Buddhist heritages of Kathmandu.

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  • Buddhist cultural tour of Kathmandu UNESCO heritage sites.
  • Pilgrimage tour of meditation caves of Padmashambhava, Guru Rinpoche, Nagarjuna, Milarepa and Naropa.
  • Tour of three stupas of Kathmandu valley.
  • Visit Bajrayogini and other important Buddhist temples and monasteries around Kathmandu.
  • Monastic tour of old and new monasteries with blessing from Rinpoche.

: Spiritual Tour
: 6 day Kathmandu Tour
: Easy
: September - June
The tour could be done throughout the year.
: Standard and Deluxe
: Private car

StandardUSD 580
Deluxe USD 750

3 star hotels - Hotel Holy Himalaya - Kathmandu
4 star hotels - Hotel Mulberry or Tibet International


  • All accommodation w/ breakfast and taxes included.
  • All ground transportation by private vehicle.
  • Guided pilgrimage tour with all heritage entrance fees included.

Tour Review

iTour Nepal is HIGHLY recommended ( Organized, professional, honest, and will cater to your needs)
This trip was wonderful from start to finish. I am a solo female traveler who was looking for a trustworthy and safe travel agent who can show me Nepal!
Rabi was able to organize my entire 5 night 6 day trip taking me to all the highlights of Nepal. We explored Kathmandu and it’s many temples, stayed at excellent hotels, Flew to Pokhara and back, drove through Nakargot and many other cities along the way.
I can not thank Rabi and Pravin enough for their hospitality and organization through out this journey.
Many laughs, good food, and wonderful company.
Looking forward to my next trip and I highly recommend going through iTour Nepal for your next trip here!

Sana S - UAE

Kathmandu Buddhist Tour Itinerary


Our represent will receive you from the Kathmandu airport. Please look for your namecard. After formal meeting, you will drive to your hotel in Buddhist neighborhood of Boudhanath. There is an option of familiarization walk in the evening.

DAY 02: Buddhist Tour of Kathmandu

Drive to Old Kathmandu and walk through its maze like alleys discovering the hidden courtyards with beautiful Stupas, temples and medieval Newari monasteries. Visit Kathmandu Durbar square which has a 12 ft. Mahakala statue from 5th century and the living goddess worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists. Later visit Vajeshwari temple (vajrayogini) and Swyambhunath Stupa. Drive to Pashupatinath to visit Naropa and Tilopa cave. Visit Boudhnath stupa and Sechen monastery.

DAY 03: Patan and Pharping Tour

Drive to Patan and walk through the oldest living Buddhist city. Visit few of its oldest and intact Newari monasteries. The 8th century golden temple (Hiranyavrna Mahavihar ) still recites 900 years old book of 'Pragya Paramita' in the morning. Visit the 16th century Mahabouddha temple, Rudravarna Mahavihar and Vajrayogini temple. The palace of Patan houses one of the finest iconography, art and architecture museum. Later drive 30 km south to Pharping where there are meditation caves of the 8th century Indian master, Padmashambhava (Guru Rinpoche). Visit the self arisen Tara temple, Asura cave and Yanglesho cave. You can also visit the Kyapjé Chatral Rinpoche's reliquary stupa and his monastery near by.

Asura cave, of Padmashambhava at Pharping
Asura cave of Padmashambhava (Guru Rinpoche) at Pharping

DAY 04: Bhaktapur and Namo Buddha

In the middle of Ratnagiri hill in the east of Kathmandu valley is where Maha Manjushree appeared before he drained the water from the legendary Kathmandu Lake. People still believe there is a tunnel known as Lhasapake (Road to Lhasa) behind Manjushree idol. Several Buddhist masters and Siddhas visited the site including the 11 - 12th century great poet and Buddhist master Milarepa. Later drive to Namobuddha and overnight in the monastery guest house. Enjoy the widespread view of the mountains and have dinner with monks.

Namo Buddha monastery with view of Himalayan snow peaks.
Thrangu Tashi Yangtse monastery, Namo Buddha with Himalayan backdrop

DAY 05: Shanku Bajrayogini and Nagarjuna hill

Namobuddha Stupa is the third important Stupa in Nepal. This is where Buddha in one of his previous life as prince sacrificed himself to feed Tigress and her cubs who were starving to death. The stupa is believed to be built over his relic. Drive to Vajrayogini temple of Sankhu. The Milarepa cave is just about 200 m below the temple. Later drive to Nagarjuna hill. This is where the Indian master Nagarjuna is believed to take his retirement. He articulated the doctrine of emptiness (shunyata) and is traditionally regarded as the founder of the Madhyamika (“Middle Way”) school of Mahayana Buddhism.


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Things to do from Kathmandu

Listen " Pragya Paramita " in English

Pragya Paramita in the Bhagwan bahal of Kathmandu.
1,000 years old Pragya Paramita in the monasteries of Kathmandu
  Four of the ancient monasteries of Kathmandu have the 'Pragya Paramita' dating back to at least 900 years. Public display and reading of these books are now limited because of their vulnerability. Nine priests read the book present at Golden temple of Patan every day. The one present at Bhagwan Bahal of Kathmandu is the most ancient and is available for public observation and preaching in English on request. The book of 10,000 stanzas was written by gold on banana leaf.

Helicopter Tour of Maratika

Maratika cave lies some 220 km southeast of Kathmandu. This is where Indian Buddhist master Padmashambhava (Guru Rinpoche) is accomplished the Vidyadhara of immortal life. Lord Amitayus granted him blessing to attained the indestructible vajra body, free from birth and death.
While a road trip takes about 2 days (220 km / 7 hours), a helicopter tour of about one and half hour is also available from Kathmandu. Maratika cave of Padmashambhava

Buddhist Pilgrimage tour of Nepal

Kathmandu valley emerged as a prominent hub for Vajrayana practices in the medieval period. When embarking on a Buddhist pilgrimage tour in Nepal, one can expect to explore the sacred meditation caves of revered figures like Padmashambhava and Milarepa, as well as pay homage to significant Buddhist landmarks including Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha.

Buddhist pilgrimage tour of Nepal

Buddhist tour of Nepal and India

12 days from Varanasi to Kathmandu
Fly to Varanasi, India and then drive visiting the Buddhist pilgrimage sites of Sarnath (first sermon), Boudhgaya (place of Buddha’s enlightenment), Kushinagar (Mahaparinirvana) and finally drive to Nepal and visit Lumbini (birthplace) ending the tour with visits of Buddhist sites of Kathmandu.

Buddhist tour of India - Nepal

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Everest sightseeing Flight

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Short Trek from Pokhara

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