Mt Thamsherku seen during short Everest trek.

Nepal tour in Monsoon

The monsoon rain starts in mid June and lasts till mid of September. The weather has mixed consequences for touring activities depending upon the activities and altitude. When the monsoon clouds come in, it remains cloudy most of the time even though it doesn’t rain all the time. Some days will have persistent light rain and the other days may see torrential downpour for an hour or two. The increased temperature and humidity will be cooled by the rain. Himalayan peaks could be seen certain times a day from the view points above 3,000 m. There is also guaranteed Everest sightseeing flights leaving everyday from Kathmandu.

Travel Nepal in Summer

Monsoon season in Nepal is also the summer. June, July and August are the hottest months of a year. This is definitely not the best time for many treks in the foothills of the Himalayas. But monsoon rain has less effect on a few trekking routes, Nepal tours and tours of Bhutan and Tibet. While the annual average rainfall of the country is 1600 mm, it is only 300 mm in the trans-Himalayan regions.

In fact summer is the best time to travel to Tibet or Mustang and Dolpo of Nepal, as the monsoon rain has less effects in these trans-Himalayan regions.
Similarly, a tour of Nepal and Bhutan that involves driving, heritage sightseeing and cultural immersion activities are less affected by the monsoon rain. Decreased prices, less crowd and the authentic cultural experience are the few benefits of travelling to Nepal during summer.

Open Now - Tibet Tour in monsoon

The monsoon season or summer months of June, July and August are the best time to do Tibet tours. Organize private tour or join a group.

Travel Nepal in June

The monsoon rain starts from the middle of June. However, the clouds start to gather weeks before and the light pre-monsoon rain is likely at places. The average daytime temperature will be around 27 °C and the minimum will be around 6°C in the middle hills of Nepal. It is best to do cultural tours and short treks in the foothills of the Himalayas in June. Tibet and Mustang in the trans-Himalayan region get less rain and the warm summer makes it comfortable to trek.
If you are travelling in June and July, don't forget to try the Everest sightseeing flight that guarantees Everest view and do the cultural sightseeing of Kathmandu.

June weather

Average weather around the major tourist sites of Nepal

Place Avg High Avg Low Rainfall Rain day
Kathmandu 29.1℃ 19.1℃ 236.3mm (9.3") 17
Pokhara 30.6℃ 20.9℃ 669mm (26.34") 11
Chitwan 35℃ 26℃ 281mm (11.06") 26.5
Namche 7.6℃ 2.4℃ 160mm (6.3") 15.1
Jomsom 17℃ 4℃ 69mm (2.72") 14
Mustang in the rain shadow of the Himalayas is the best place to visit if you are travelling in June. As spring comes late in the high altitude, it is the flowering season with moderate temperature ranging between 4 - 17 °C. In about 14 rainy days in June, only about 69 mm rain is accumulated while it is 672 mm in Pokhara.
Festival in June - Ashar 15
Ashar 15 (June 29) festival starts with a musical procession and parade of farmers to the paddy field. While a group of men plough the field and make fine mud slurry for the plantation, women sow the rice seedlings singing traditional duet songs. The festivity gets more exciting when they start to splash mud on each other. Traditional lunch is served with beaten rice, yogurt and home made brew.

Spiritual tour in June, July and August

It mostly rains in the evening and night making it possible to travel and visit the cultural sites during the day. The monsoon rain modifies the summer heat making it pleasant to visit even sites around Lumbini. The average temperature of Kathmandu will be around 25℃ and 29℃ around Lumbini.

Travel Nepal in July

July is the peak of monsoon rain and summer heat. The average day temperature ranges from 33 °C to 20 °C in the middle hills. However the rain often cools down the temperature making it pleasant for going around or getting a good sleep. It often rains in the evening or night making it possible to do some hikes and cultural tours. 

July weather

Average weather around the major tourist sites of Nepal

Place Avg High Avg Low Rainfall Rain day
Kathmandu 29.1℃ 19.1℃ 236.3mm (9.3") 17
Pokhara 30.6℃ 20.9℃ 669mm (26.34") 11
Chitwan 35℃ 26℃ 281mm (11.06") 26.5
Namche 7.6℃ 2.4℃ 160mm (6.3") 15.1
Jomsom 17℃ 4℃ 69mm (2.72") 14

Cultural tour of Kathmandu and Pokhara in July

Tour of UNESCO heritage sites around Kathmandu with short day hikes to stay in surrounding hill stations are the best activities to do during the month of July. There are also short and easy hikes around Pokhara. Day hikes with overnight stay in a mountain village homestay will give deeper insight into Nepalese culture. Even though it is monsoon season, days are often bright and clear for sightseeing and hiking.

Nepal Travel tips for Monsoon

  • Prepare for the rain. Good quality, breathable rain gears are recommended.
  • Make your luggage / backpack waterproof and bring cover.
  • Footwear must be waterproof or easy dry.
  • Keep your itinerary flexible considering delays and cancellation of transportation and domestic flights.
  • Plan your trip with enough time between your trip and international flight.
  • Avoid driving on off roads as much as possible.
  • Normally it rains in the afternoon or evening. So it is better to start your activities early.
  • Plan a morning Himalayan sightseeing on the morning if it rains a night before.

Nepal in August

Annapurna seen amid clouds in July

August is still a rainy month in Nepal. The rain is supposed to relent by the end of the month. But the weather pattern has changed in the last decade and the monsoon rain continues till mid September. By August, the agricultural rush of planting rice ends and people are more relaxed to celebrate a few of the many colorful festivals of Nepal. The festivals of Naag Panchami, Janai Purnima, Gai Jatra, Krishna Janmastami fall in August 2024.
August is not an ideal month for Nepal tours and trek. However if this is the only time you can visit, there are few treks and cultural tours which are less affected by monsoon rain. August is the summer and rainy season in Nepal. It remains mostly cloudy and rains in the afternoon or night. It is hot and humid in lower valleys or foothills of the Himalayas which will be cooled by rain. Trekking in the Mustang region is highly recommended. This is also the best time to visit Tibet or just take a cultural tour with day hikes.

Nepal Trips for August

August is still monsoon with heavy clouds and rain throughout the country. Even though there will be few tourists trekking to popular destinations, it is not an ideal month for trekking. While it remains mostly cloudy, it rains only in the afternoon and night. Days are hot and humid. So if you have to come to Nepal in August, there are few trips relatively better to take than others. It is the best time to do the Nepal and Tibet tour. A Nepal tour with day hikes could be planned around Kathmandu and Pokhara. Here are the recommended trips for August.

Does it rain in September ?

The monsoon rains start to subside by the beginning of September. The air starts to cool down with lesser clouds in the sky. It rains once in a few days only till mid September. Tourists start to fly in Kathmandu and go on treks and tours by the second week of September. The average temperature will be between 25 – 12 degree centigrade in September. Because of the vertically rising landscape, climate varies from place to place. The lower valleys and tropical jungle will still be humid throughout September. Mountains remain cooler and you may need warm clothes depending upon the altitude.

For more detailed weather, travel tips and trip recommendation for September visit - Nepal Tour in September

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Monsoon Tour Review

Kathmandu experience !

Itour Nepal hooked us up with an amazing experience in the Namo Buddha Monastery and a hike from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan temple. After a car trip and a gorgeous 1 hour walk through mountains and forest alleys, we arrived at the Monastery in the afternoon. The view was amazing and the meals and morning prayer with the monks an unforgettable experience. The next day took us by car firstly to Bhaktapur for a city visit and then to Nagarkot for an overnight stay in the lovely mountain area. On the third day, our 5 hour hike to the temple began. The trek was really lovely, with the landscape alternating between forest, rice field and mountain terraces and was manageable with 35l Backpacks. We passed by many small villages and had the chance to see the locals going about their daily work in the rice fields. The temple was just as magnificent as the rest of the journey. Overall, it was a great experience, from the stunning views of the Monastery and spending time with the monks to the trekking through the landscapes, we had an amazing time.

- Tripadvisor

5 things to in Kathmandu Travelling in monsoon, you can still do cultural immersion activities. Check out the five cool cultural activities to do in Kathmandu.

Trekkers on the way to Ghorepani in Annapurna region.

Short Everest Trek 8 days

Best for August & September
If you are limited with time and still want to get the feel of Sherpa land, this trek is for you. Since the trek starts with flight to Lukla at 2,800 m, the trek avoids humid and hot climate of Summer. A short trek of 5 days could be planned based in comfortable Hotels (luxury trek).
Everest sightseeing flight.

Everest sightseeing Flight

The 1 hr. fixed wing Himalayan sightseeing flight is the best way to see Mt Everest and other peaks east of Kathmandu.
USD 250 230 till September
  • Window Seat
  • Everest View
  • Airport
Adventure in Pokhara
Pokhara provides ground for adventure sports. Try the World's most extreme Zip Flyer. Accelerate down 2,000 ft with speed of 140 KMH. Make your free flying dream comes true by paragliding or get close to mysterious Himalayan peaks with Ultra light flights. All in perfect natural setting of Himalayas and turquoise lake. More >

Only USD 450 !
Helicopter tour of
Annapurna Base Camp
Annapurna Heli Tour

Short treks in Nepal

Treks for August & September

The mountainous landscape of Nepal with Himalayan frontier provides perfect ground for dreamlike trekking. Check out other short treks in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Nepal walking Tour

Gentle walking holiday in Nepal w/ comfortable stay
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