Kathmandu is the spiritual center of Nepal
At least 2,000 years old Pashupatinath temple complex with cremation ground and meditations caves.

What makes Nepal the best spiritual tour destination ?

In the lap of the Himalayas, Nepal stood aloof to the political turmoil its neighbours went through until very recently. While several spiritual practices originated in the mainland Indian subcontinent, they survived as a living heritage only in the hidden valleys of Nepal. Guided by basic principles of nonviolence and harmony, several practices coexisted for over two millennia without conflict. The reminiscence of the coexistence is well reflected by the monuments of Kathmandu valley.
Almost all mountains of the Nepalese Himalayas were either an embodiment or abode of gods. The very reason made it a famous pilgrimage and retreat center of all time.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha
Mayadevi temple in Lumbini is the exact birthplace of Buddha. Lumbini is developed in an area of 1 x 3 square miles.

Spiritual and wellness tour of Nepal

Home of Buddha and Buddhism

"A pious person should visit the four holy places and look upon with feelings of reverence."

Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, is one of the 4 UNESCO Heritage sites in Nepal. The exact birthplace of Buddha has been developed under a master plan in the area of 2 X 6 km with ample gardens, ponds and monasteries to create the spiritual ambiance. There are also several archaeological discoveries around Lumbini; like Tilaurakot palace where Buddha was raised as prince Siddhartha until he was 29, Ramgram Stupa (only unopened Buddha relic stupa out of the first 8), Kudan monastery where Buddha gave 4 sermons and the birthplaces of Kanakmuni Buddha and Krakuchanda Buddha.
Similarly, hidden in the citadel of mountains, Nepal was a safe haven for Buddhism while its neighbors went through arsion and invasions. There are several meditation caves and monasteries which continuously practiced and preached Buddhism until the date. Yangleso cave and Maratika cave of Guru Rinpoche are the most popular pilgrimage sites for Buddhists from around the world.

Boudhanath worshiping
Pilgrims offering butter lamps on the full moon day at Boudhanath Stupa.

Living spiritual culture

In Kathmandu every next house is a temple and every next day is a festival.

The mountainous country of Nepal has been the safe haven for several spiritual practices of the region. While its neighbors went through several political unrest and occupations, Nepal remained independent until the date. The rich Vedic, Buddhist and Tantric practices remained intact in the valleys of Nepal. Kathmandu for example has over 350 medieval Buddhist monasteries which used to be a place of spiritual refuge for monks from India and Tibet. Communities from both India and Tibet fleed at different times in history, lived and practiced together in harmony. Kathmandu is a great place to witness the living spiritual cultures of the Indian subcontinent in harmony.

Spiritual tour of Kathamndu

Prayer flag offered to holy mountain
Tourists offer prayers to Mt Everest, worshiped by locals as one of the mother goddess 'Chomolungma'.

Holy Mountains

If you went to live in the Himalayas and everyone was lovely there, I’m sure it would be fairly easy to be a spiritual master.
Marianne Williamson

Nepal is the place where spirituality is felt everywhere and in everything. Nature is respected and worshipped as either god and goddesses or their abode. Traditionally people respected mountains, rivers and jungles. All mountains of Nepal are either the embodiment of god and goddesses or their home Mountains are worshiped in local monasteries and temples. There were many incidents where locals opposed expedition teams fearing the consequences. Even today the expedition teams do a ceremony in a local monastery before heading to the mountains. Annapurna is the goddess of cereals (food), Mt Everest is one of the mother goddesses known as Chomolungma.

Mount Kailash Tour - Tibet

Gosaikunda Lake pilgrimage
Shamans make a pilgrimage to Gosaikunda Lake during Gosaikunda Mela (festival) in August.

Pilgrimages older than history

For a long time, the Himalayan valleys were mythical for many and were accessible only for those in spiritual quest with great devotion. The hidden valleys of Nepal were lived and protected by Shiddas (who have attended perfection). Many pilgrimage sites are prehistoric and are worshipped by all religious groups. These were the places where god or spiritual masters did miracles making them high in spiritual energy. Muktinath, Gosaikunda Lake, Devghat are some of the pilgrimages from the prehistoric time.

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Perfectly Organized Tour !

Arranged a tour in Lumbini, Kathmandu including a Mountain Flight to Everest. Rabi was ever so helpful in organising the tour to suit my requirement as I was on an official tour. Correspondence was prompt and effective via e-mail and WhatsApp prior to the tour as well as in between. Visited several places of interest in Kathmandu with a guided tour. Rabi arranged a tour guide, a young enthusiastic fellow from Lumbini who was also involved in excavation work in Kapilvastu while following a PG Dip. in Archeology. He was equally knowledgeable and took me around to the important places of interest such as Maya Devi Temple in the sacred garden, Peace Pagoda and a few monasteries built by countries that are predominantly Buddhist. Rabi knows how to organise tailor-made tours to make your trip to Nepal a memorable one.
- Nuwan Gamage - Sri Lanka

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Everest sightseeing flight.

Everest sightseeing Flight

The 1 hr. fixed wing Himalayan sightseeing flight is the best way to see Mt Everest and other peaks east of Kathmandu.
USD 250 230 till September
  • Window Seat
  • Everest View
  • Airport

Lumbini Tour

the exact birthplace of Buddha and the 1X3 miles Lumbini master plan

Maratika cave tour

Maratika Cave can be reached by 10 hrs drive or 15 mints Helicopter ride. Maratika cave is where Padmasambhava – Guru Rimpoche did Sadhana of longevity Buddha Amitayus and attended the second vidyadhaha level.

Ramgram Stupa

Only undug Buddha relic Stupa our of the first 8 built right after Buddha's death.

Only USD 280 !
Helicopter tour of
Annapurna Base Camp
Annapurna Heli Tour

Yoga - meditation and spiritual experience tour

Immerse into the living spiritual heritage of Nepal and revitalize your mind and body with yoga meditation and spiritual energy in the lap of the Himalayas.

Nepal walking Tour

Gentle walking holiday in Nepal w/ comfortable stay
Nepal walking tour is for those looking for gentle walking holiday with comfortable stay in the foothills of the Himalayas with exotic cultural experience and Himalayan scenery.

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