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Phulkharka village tour and Ganga jamuna cultural trek

Phulkharka (Fulkharka) is located about 135 km northwest of Kathmandu. The village lies on the flank of 3,500m mountain at the foothill of Ganesh Himal Manaslu Range. As the village lies on the border of two ethnic teritories, they have a mixed practice of Hinduism and Buddhism. Shamanism still exists in its earlier form. Fulkharka means 'Flower Garden'.

Nepal earthquake, a change to rebuild
We have been promoting Fulkharka (Phulkharka) as volunteer tourism destination. This was one of the village hard hit by the recent earthquake. 27 people died and 95% houses were destroyed. We request volunteers to participate in rebuilding and agritourism.Request a program >

Volunteer to rebuild school
The two major earthquakes with strong aftershocks for three weeks from 25th April took lives of 27 people and destroyed 95% of the houses. The village is in severe need of reconstruction. We request volunteers from around world to join our rebuilding campaign and help the country through volunteer tourism.
The village youth club have set up donation site to sponsor the expenses of construction materials.

Fulkharka agritourism :

Agritourism in Fulkharka village is about traditional rice farming. It starts from June / July and lasts till October. Rice is main staple food of Nepal. Researches show that the rice productivity of Nepal is lower compared to leading rice producing countries. It is only 3 tons / hectors. There are several factors such as dependency on rain, labor shortage and traditional farming technologies. Agritourism and agricultural volunteer is about learning the traditional terrace farming in Nepal and helping them by the means of tourism.
Agricultural calendar:
Month       Agricultural activities Agricultural activities
  Rice Sweet Corn
May/June Sowing of rice seeds  
June/July Transplantation  
July/Aug Transplantation/Weeding  
Aug/Sep Weeding  
Sep/Oct Harvest/ Threshing  
Oct/Nov Harvest/ Threshing  
Nov/Dec ---------------  
Dec/Jan   Preparation/ Ploughing
Jan/Feb   Sowing of seeds
Feb/Mar   Weeding
Mar/Apr   Ploughing/ Weeding
Apr/May   Harvest

Homestay accommodation:

The means of accommodation during the stay will be homestay. Under the Fulkharka homestay program, tourists will go and stay with local family. Homestay houses are selected with their hygienic adaptation in daily life. Fulkharka homestay is a great opportunity to experience daily chores of the agricultural community of Nepal. Tourists can participate in butter making process, gardening, animal farming, basking of crops, beaten rice making and many other traditional chores.

Volunteering in Fulkharka:

Beside agriculture, volunteer work is needed in different sector such as health, preschool, high school English teacher and elder's literacy program.

Ganga Jamuna cultural trek

Fulkharka is located in the southern slope of 2,900 m hill in the foothills of Ganesh Himal Range. Hence there are several walks to the ridges on all sides offering magnificent view of Ganesh Himal and Manaslu Ranges. Ganga Jamuna cultural trek comprises the highlight of Ruby valley and Ganesh Himal trek.

Fulkharka in

Village Tour is for:

  • Rebuilding after earthquake.
  • Income Distribution.
  • Sustainable tourism.
  • Positive exploitation of resources.
  • Eco friendly & sustainable practices.
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