Rafting in Nepal

Nepal is paradise for White Water Rafters as there are continuously flowing high current rivers as a gift of the benevolent Himalayas. As rivers flow from the roof of the world, into the tectonic plate of Indian Subcontinent, exciting whitewaters are formed.

Trishuli Rafting - 1 or 2 days
Bhotekosi Rafting - 1 or 2 days
Seti Rafting - 2 days
Kaligandaki Rafting - 3 days

Karnali Rafting - 10 Days
Sunkosi Rafting - 10 Days

Trishuli Rafting
Because of its easy access from Kathmandu and Pokhara, Trishuli river is Nepal's most popular whitewater rafting river. Ideal for novices as well as the experienced, the Trishuli flows through fascinating valleys, amazing gorges, rolling rapids, while it also has relaxing sections making the trip a great experience. Unlike other rivers, Rafting in Trishuli is possible throughout the year. In monsoon, the swollen waters present there own challenges making the Trishuli an exciting trip.

Bhote Kosi Rafting

There is not much time to look at the mountain scenery and surroundings once you are on this river as whitewater action starts! However, en route there is an excellent opportunity to stop in Dulikhel to admire the stunning views of the Himalayas! The Bhote Kosi is regarded as one of the best short white water rafting trips in the world. It is the steepest river that is rafted in Nepal, with continuous rapid action making this river a full-on commitment and a huge adrenaline rush.
This is an ideal trip for those wanting a short but intense and thrilling rafting trip. It is better suited to those who has some previous rafting experience.

Seti Rafting

Seti is a really unique, pleasant and picturesque river passing through two beautiful and contrasting scenic areas. Relatively small volume, blue and warm water makes Seti a perfect rafting for beginners, intermediate and family. Seti rises on the southeast slopes of the sacred Mountain Fishtail and then flows to south, as a fairly typical Nepalese mountain river.

Kali Gandaki Rafting

The Kali begins its journey high on the Tibetan plateau in the kingdom of Mustang. Using the Deepest gorge in the world that is formed between the Mt. Annapurna (8346m) Massif and Mt. Dhaulagiri (8046m) and named after the ferocious goddess kali, the kali the Gandaki is one of Nepal's very best rivers for whitewater Adventure rafting.
The Rapid run thick and fast form day one just below the put-in point at near Beni.For most of the three day expedition there is little relent .Mostly Grade III rapid-but sometimes really exhilarating grade Iv and Grade IV+-the kali gandaki caries us cavorting on though steep-walled gorges, under cascading waterfalls... to day 3,the last morning.. a grand finale of spectacular, photogenic ,big-time whitewater and far more than just the river ,the rewards inclued stunning upstream view of the Mt. Annapurna range, peaceful beach camps on the river bank and the remote villages of at least five of Nepal's main Ethic Group.