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Nepal Walking Tour

Sinkholes in Pokhara
Sinkholes apearing in Armala - Pokhara have spread panic. About 40 sinkholes have formed displacing 17 families and risking about 50 buildings. Geologist said the natural phenomenon induced by human activities. Read News >
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Bisket Jatra - Spring festival 10 - 19 April
Nepalese New Year - 14 April
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Lumbini Tour

Buddhist circuil tour of Lumbini, Kapilavastu & Ramgram
Mayadevi Temple & Puskarini pond, Lumbini

Lumbini Buddhist Circuit Tour
The 'Lumbini Buddhist Circuit Tour' focuses on life of Buddha (Prince Siddhartha). While it is a pilgrimage tour in one hand, in the other hand it displays the great archaeological triumph of mankind. There are 62 archaeological sites in Lumbini Region exhibiting different event's in Buddha's life. The 'Lumbini Buddhist Circuit Tour' is a visual aid to Buddha's life and development of Buddhism. The tour includes visit of Kapilavastu, Kudan, Ramagram stupa, Sagarhawa and other important sites related with Buddha.

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Tour Itinerary

Day 01: Fly or drive to Lumbini
Flight from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa takes 35 mints and from there it is 30 mints drive to Lumbini. One can also drive to Lumbini (321 km / 8 hrs) from Kathmandu. Overnight in Hotel
Day 02: Breakfast | Lumbini Tour
Lumbini Tour includes visit to the Mayadevi temple (birth place of Buddha) and tour of surrounding areas of Lumbini Development Trust (LDT). The 3 square miles area of LDT include Sacred Lumbini garden, Monastic Zone and New Lumbini Village. Visit Museum and world peace stupa in the eveining
Day 03: Religious and archaeological sites of Kapilavastu
Drive and visit religious and archaeological sites of Tilaurakot, Gotihawa, Kudan, Siddharthanagar, Niglihara, Sagarhawa and Aurorakot. Tilaurakot is the ancient Kapilavastu - the capital of Shakyas, where Buddha spent his first 29 years. Kudan was where Buddha was received by his father after his access to enlightenment. King Suddhodana specially built the Kudan (Nigrodharma Park) for the accommodation of the Buddha and his followers. Gotihawa is the birth place of Krakuchanda Buddha. Niglihawa is where Kanakmuni Buddha was born. Sagarhawa is the archaeological findings as "place of the massacre of the Shakyas". Overnight in Lumbini
Day 04: Devdaha - Ramgram - Bhairahawa - Kathmandu
Drive and visit religious and archaeological sites at Devdaha and Ramagram. Devdaha is the ancient capital of the Koliya kingdom. It is the maternal hometown of Queen Mayadevi (mother), Prajapati Gautami (stepmother), Princess Yasodhara (consort) and where Prince Siddhartha had spent his childhood. Ramgrama is the brick mound on the bank of the Jharahi River. It is seven meter high brick stupa consisting of relic (one of the eight astha dhatu) of Lord Buddha. The Stupa was built by the king of Ramgrama, who was the eighth king to obtain the Buddha's relics.
Day 05: Fly or drive back to Kathmandu

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Buddhist Pilgrimage tour of Nepal (8 nights 9 days)
For hundreds of years Nepal became safe haven for Buddhist practices while India was going through conflict. Kathmandu became the center of Vajrayana practices and many teachers including Padmashambhava went to Tibet via Kathmandu. Buddhist pilgrimage tour of Nepal focus on visit to meditation caves of Padmashambhava, Milarepa, tour of Lumbini and other Buddhist monuments. Buddhsit pilgrimage tour of Nepal >

Pre-Ashokan Shrine unearthed in Lumbini
First Pre-Ashokan brick shrine and village dating back to 1,300 BC were unearthed in Lumbini. Recent findings push back the history of settlement in Lumbini by thousand year.
similarly in another excavation inside Mayadevi temple, a timber shrine dating back to 6th century BC has been discovered.
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Lumbini Peace Marathoon
Shakya muni Buddha Lumbini Peace marathon was organized with the message of world peace in the closing ceremony of visit Lumbini year 2012. More >

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Ktm - Bhairahawa : US $ 128
Flight : 8:40, 16:10
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Lumbini tour - 12 days
With Pokhara & Chitwan
12 Days Nepal tour of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan via Lumbini. Himalayan experience, tiger chase on the Asian Elephant and the enchantment of Lumbini. You can have it all with comfortable and smooth journey and best stay. More >

Ruins of Kudan

Optional Activities

Everest Flight
One hour flight to Mt. Everest leaves every morning from Kathmandu. This is the best way of capturing 5 out of top 10 highest mountains in the World including Mt. Everest. more >

Hiking or short treks
The foothills of Himalaya provide beautiful short and easy treks and day’s hike starting from either Pokhara or kathmandu.
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Yoga & Meditation

If you have extra days in Kathmandu, try one of our highly recommended yoga / meditation centers. Yoga Tour >


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