May is the best month for Nepal trek and tour.

Nepal in May

May is the last month of the Spring tourist season in Nepal. Temperature starts to rise making it hot in Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini. With comfortably warm weather, the month of May is good for trekking in Nepal. The night temperature at altitude above 3,500 m could still go below zero. Monsoon clouds start to swarm during the second half of May. There may be little rain with thunder storms in the late afternoon, towards the end of May. May Temperature varies with the dramatically changing altitude of Nepal. While the arrival of tourists in the country starts to decline by mid May, trekking trails will remain busy. The weather window for the Everest expedition falls around the third and fourth week of May. Many trekkers on the way to Everest base camp prefer May as they can meet the expedition teams at the base camp.

With no PCR test required and visa on arrival, Nepal is now fully open for trekking and tour. Tourists coming to Nepal are subsequently increasing and May is likely to see the pre-covid normalcasy.

Nepal trek in May 2024 after Covid pandemic

Major events in May

Tiji festival : The three days long festival is celebrated with feasting and mask dancing by monks in the courtyards of walled city of Lomangthang, Upper Mustang from 16 - 18 May 2024.

Buddha Jayanti : Buddha Jayanti 2024 falls in 26 of May. This is the day of triple bliss when Buddha was born, enlightened and attended Mahaparinirvana.

Nepal trips for May 2024

Nepal weather in May

Average weather around the major tourist area of Nepal

Place Max Temp Min Temp Rainfall Rain day
Kathmandu 28.7℃ 15.7℃ 123.6 mm 12
Pokhara 30.1℃ 18.4℃ 359 mm 5
Chitwan 34℃ 21℃ 188 mm 4
Namche 14℃ 4℃ 41 mm 9
Jomsom 14℃ -1℃ 53 mm 8

Nepal Travel tips for May

  • Avoid cities and tourist crowds. You can fly or drive directly to the trekking trail head instead of staying in crowded cities like Kathmandu.
  • Choose off the beaten path treks with less tourists. Travel in small, private group. It is possible to organize treks with private tent.
  • Dress in layers.
  • Bring light rain jacket and rucksack cover.
  • Start your day early to avoid evening rain and strom.
  • Choose your destinations at altitude above 1,000 m. Temperature is pleasant for Bhutan tour, hill statons of Nepal and trek in Everest.
  • Chances of strong wind in the evening. Avoid walking till tale or take shelter at the safe place which protect you from falling objects in case of wind.

Top 3 Nepal tour for May 2024

Tourism is reviving but it is not at its peak yet. With fewer trekkers and reduced price, May 2024 is the best time to do popular treks.

Everest Trek

Everest trek starts and ends at Lukla with an elevation of 2,800 m making it the perfect trek to do in the month of May. This avoids trekking in undulating layers of foothills which get hot in the month of May. Spring comes later in the Himalayas and May is the perfect month to trek in the northernmost Higher Himalayas. Everest is one of the most popular valleys in the Higher Himalayas.

Everest trek avoids the hot and humid foothills in the month of May.
Everest trek is the best trek for May

Lower Mustang Tour

Fly or drive to Jomsom in the trans-Himalayan region of Nepal and explore the enclave of medieval Tibet and the kingdom of Lo without paying the pricey restricted area permit required for Upper Mustang. Lower Mustang also has sky caves, ancient monasteries of both Bon and Buddhists and alpine lakes with magnificent views of the Himalayas. Being in the rain shadow of the Annapurna range, the area remains relatively drier even during the monsoon.

Lower Mustang Tour for May

The trans-Himalayan region of Mustang gets the least rainfall. Avoid the hot and humid foothills and the pre-monsoon rain in May.

Tiji Festival tour of Mustang

Lomanthang, the walled capital of Lo kingdom, still celebrates the mystic mask dancing festival of Tiji in the month of May. Amid the melodious music and prayers, the monks perform the meditative dance of Vajrakilaya to ward off the evils. Mustang was the southernmost kingdom of medieval Tibet that remained unchanged as it politically fell in Nepal.

Tiji festival tour 2024

Is Nepal good to travel during the Eid al-Fitr 2024 ?

Nepal is the best place to travel for the Eid al-Fitr holiday 2024. The Eid al-Fitr 2024 holiday falls in April 20 - 23). This is mid spring and the temperature is moderate for Himalayan treks and tours of Nepal. Each year non-Muslims living in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Indonesia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, take a break and fly to Nepal during the holiday. Here are some of the best treks and tours one can do in a week holiday in Nepal.

Best 7 day Nepal Itinerary

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May Tour Review

Best Tour Company

From the moment we arrived, Rabi greeted us with genuine Nepalese hospitality. We used Rabi and his team for all three of our adventures during our time in Nepal (Tibet, Tengboche Trek, and a day hike). Rabi, his driver's, guides, and the rest of his team also reflect the company's exceptional care to their customers. Our guide Dill, was an amazing companion to have on the trail. We each felt so touched by his kindness, and he truly made our experience an unforgettable one.


Date or Experience : May 2019

Best tour in May 2024

Nepal Bhutan Tour 12 days

Enjoy the untouched culture and heritage of two Himalayan countries, this May. May is end of Spring touring season for the Himalayas. But the varying altitude makes May the best time to do this tour of Nepal and Bhutan.

Nepal Bhutan Tour

Everest Luxury lodge trek

May is best time for Everest trek as the trekking starts with flight to Lukla at 2,800 m. May temperature for Everest trek is comfortable and the sky remains clear. Everest trek could be organized from 5 days to 12 based on luxury lodges and decent lodges.

Everest cultural trek Starting USD 1,480

Join Tiji festival - Mustang.
Drive or trek to the lost Tibetan kingdom of Mustang for Tiji festival in May 2024.
Visit Lumbini for 'Buddha Jayanti or Vesak day'. Buddha Jayanti or Vesak day falls on 5 May 2024.
Nepal trips for monsoon
Mid June - August end is best time for Nepal Tibet tour. Monsoon is peak season for Mt Kailash tour in western Tibet. Trek to trans-Himalayan region of Mustang or visit the Buddhist sites during monsoon 2024.
Himalayan Heli Trek
Himalayan Heli Trek offers you an opportunity to trek in a deep Himalayan valley within a week in Nepal.

Himalayan Heli Trek