Everest expedition news

Everest expedition news

414 mountaineers, with 75 women and 339 men from 41 mountaineering expedition groups, have been granted permission to climb Everest for the Spring 2024 climbing season.

Since the start of the spring climbing season on May 10, over 379 climbers have successfully reached the summit. Two Mongolian climbers have died and other two are missing, since May 13. Additionally, Kami Rita Sherpa has set a new record by climbing Everest for the 30th time this season.

Phunjo Lama reclaims her title of fastest women to scale Mt Everest

Update : 09 :35 AM 23 May 2024

A Nepali woman climber has set the world record becoming the fastest female to scale the world's highest peak in less than 15 hours.

In 2018, Phunjo garnered attention for reaching the summit of Everest in 39 hours and 6 minutes. However, in 2021, Ada Tsang Yin-hung of Hong Kong surpassed Phunjo's record by scaling the peak in 25 hours and 50 minutes. This year, Phunjo reclaimed the title by climbing Mt Everest in just 14 hours and 31 minutes from the base camp. She accomplished this feat on the auspicious occasion of Buddha Jayanti, advocating for global peace.

Everest Man climbs Mt Everest the 30th time 

Kami Rita Sherpa, a Nepali climbing guide, successfully reached the summit of Mt Everest for the 30th time on Wednesday morning, surpassing his previous record for the most ascents of the world's highest peak. Reaching the 29,032-foot summit at 7:49 a.m., the 54-year-old climber, also known as "Everest Man," achieved this milestone during his second ascent of the season. His first ascent in this season was on May 12, where he guided foreign clients.

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Two including one Nepali go missing during Mt Everest expedition

A Nepali and a British national have disappeared while descending from their Mt Everest expedition. The individuals who are missing include 21-year-old Sherpa guide Tenzi Sherpa and 40-year-old British citizen Daniel Paul Peterson. Both climbers reached the summit of Everest on May 21st.
A group of six experienced mountain guides has been deployed to locate the missing climbers.

Body of Second Mongalion climber found 

Update : 15:38 PM 19 May 2024

Rescuers found the body of a second Mongolian climber on Sunday. Evidence shows that the Mongolian climbers summited Mt Everest and died on the way back. Two Mongolian climbers were on a mission to summit Mt Everest without support of local Sherpa guides. Four Sherpa guides were dispatched to search them after they went missing for over 20 hours. 

Usukhjargal Tsedendamba’s body was found around an altitude of 8600 metres on Friday morning after days of search and rescue operations that had been hampered by bad weather.

The second body was also found on Friday, but they couldn't verify it as Purevsuren Lkhagvajav until Saturday. 

Update : 13:42 PM 17 May 2024

Body of one of the Mongolian climber discovered 

Mongolian climber's body was discovered near the south summit of Mt Everest this morning, while another climber remains missing. The body of Usukhjargal Tsedendamba was found at approximately 8,550 m, having fallen from the rope and becoming stuck a few meters below the South Summit. The fate of the other climber, Prevsuren, is still uncertain. The search for the missing climber will persist, as the next summit window is set to open after May 19.

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Update : 15:30 PM 16 May 2024

Unmanaged Human activities are threats to Everest base camp

Stakeholders have raised significant concerns regarding the rapid deterioration of the existing Everest base camp, where more than 2,000 individuals are currently residing for the spring climbing season this year. 

The Expedition Operators Association Nepal, in collaboration with the Nepal Tourism Board, organized a study and workshop on an alternative base camp for Everest. The Nepal Forum of Science Journalists assembled a group of national and international journalists and experts to visit the Everest region from May 2nd to May 13th to evaluate the current condition of the base camp.
Many climbers agree that the unmanaged crowd at the base camp is accelerating the geological and environmental degradation of Everest base camp.Human feces, urine, digging for camps and helicopter landing and flights are threats to the glacier melting and pollution.   

Update : 10:30 AM 16 May 2024

Bad weather stops climbers from summiting 

The expedition has faced significant setbacks in the last two days due to unfavorable weather conditions. Rakesh Gurung, the Director of the Department of Tourism, revealed that no climbers have been able to reach the summit of Everest since Tuesday, primarily because of adverse weather conditions in the upper section of Camp IV.

Two guides dispached to search and rescue the missing Mongoliam climbers. 

Meanwhile, authorized bodies have been trying to locate two missing Mongolian climbers. Two Sherpa guides have been sent to find and rescue the missing climbers. The 53 years old Usukhjargal Tsedendamba and 31 year old Purevsuren Lkhagvajav have gone missing since the morning of May 13 after they left for the summit from the camp IV. 

The Everest Man climbs Mt Everest for 29th time

Update : 10:50 AM 15 May 2024

In a remarkable accomplishment, Everest Man has achieved another extraordinary feat. The renowned Mount Everest in Nepal has once again witnessed the triumph of Kami Rita, one of the most skilled climbing guides, as he conquered its towering summit for an unprecedented 29th time. This incredible achievement surpasses his previous record for the highest number of successful summits, as confirmed by expedition organizers. 

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Buddha's Relic Recovered

Small Pagoda found by Chinese archaeologists is believed to have Buddha\'s skull inside.

Tiger population up in Nepal

Tiger population in Nepal reached 355 from 121 in 2010. Nepal successfully achieved its goal of doubling the number of Tigers by 2022. World Tiger Day 2023

Nepal Tibet tourism and trade

Nepal Tibet border remained closed in Autumn 2015 for foreigners. Tourists rerouted their visit via Hilsa, Simikot or flying in and out of Lhasa.

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The leading travel guide book publisher, Rough Guide has listed Nepal as the number one destination of the top ten travel destination of 2016.

Prince Harry to visit Nepal this spring.

Prince Harry\'s is taking an official tour of Nepal to observe how the country is recovering from devastating April 2015 earthquake.

International Buddhist Conference in Nepal

International Buddhist conference is held in Nepal to celebrate 2,060th Buddha Jayanti.

Bison population up in Chitwan

Recent count has recorded increased number of Indian Bison - Gaur in Chitwan National park, a natural heritage sites enlisted by UNESCO.

Nepal top 3 destination - National Geographic

National Geographic has listed Nepal in its top 10 destination to visit in 2016. The country needs tourism to rebuilt, it says.

Pun Hill, the must-see destination - Lonely Planet

The leading travel guide book, Lonely planet, recently featured �Pun Hill� as top ten tourist destination in Nepal.

Gharials decline in Chitwan

Gharial crocodile population declines in Nepal despite various programs of Chitwan based crocodile breeding center and other organizations.

Trekker dead near Everest Base camp

A British trekker Kellinu Portelli died in Labuche near Everest base camp on 28th October 2019. The 54 years family man was a father of two and was trekking to Everest base camp to raise money for a cancer charity.

Tilaurakot palace Excavation

Series of scientific excavation have uncovered the Shakya palace of Tilaurakot where Lord Buddha spent 29 years as Prince Sidhartha.

Pokhara Bird Festival

Bird festival celebrated in Pokhara to bring awareness about bird conservation and to promote bird tourism.

Kathmandu the top travel destination in 2019 - Lonely Planet

Kathmandu the gateway city to the Himalayas, is listed as the top 5th destination in the world to travel in 2019 by Lonely Planet.

Everest expedition 2024 highlights

About 600 climbers supported by 900 Sherpas are at the Everest base camp for the Everest expedition 2024.

Coronavirus in Nepal | Travel Advisory

Nepal removed quarantine and resumed on-arrival visa for fully vaccinated travelers. Nepal is now open and is the safest destination to travel for autumn 2021.

Bahraini Prince arrives in Nepal to scale Mt Everest

Bahraini Prince Shaikh Mohamed Hamad Mohamed Al Khalifa climbing Mt Everest in May 2021. 13 members of Bahrain defense force and 3 British nationals arrive Kathmandu, Nepal on 10 March 2021. The team successfully submitted Mt Labuche and Mt Manaslu in October 2020.

Highest no of post-Covid tourist arrival in the year 2021

Post-Covid Increase in Nepal tours signal a rebound of Nepal tourism for Spring 2022.

Snow Leopard near Everest base camp

Photographer \'Kettiya Pawlowski\' takes brilliant photos of Snow Leopard near Everest base camp.

Hollywood actor Jet Li on a spiritual tour of Nepal

Famous Hollywood actor Jet Li went on a spiritual tour of Nepal during the Christmas and New year 2023 holiday.

Tibet is open for foreign tourists from April 2023

Tibet is open for foreign tourists from April 2023

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