Mustang in the CNN list of 23 places to visit in 2023

Mustang in the CNN list of 23 places to visit in 2023

The lost Tibetan kingdom of Mustang in the trans-Himalayan region of Nepal has been listed by CNN among the 23 places in the world to visit in 2023. CNN highlighted Mustang as a kingdom along the Himalayan corridor facilitating the trans-Himalayan trade with Silk Road. CNN further described Mustang as one of the earliest Tibetan cave settlements with artifacts dating back to 2,000 years. Once the prominent Tibetan Kingdom from the medieval time, Mustang retains some of the ancient and important Buddhist monasteries and cave temples.

CNN further highlights the journey to Mustang as part of the adventure. Availability of fixed wing flight, luxury hotels in Tibetan style and road along the Kali Gandaki valley make this remote destination open for luxury travelling as well. Following the route in a loop via pastures and mountain passes coming to the high ground on the eastern bank of Kali Gandaki valley still makes a good trek. 

What to see in Mustang, Nepal ?

Mustang was the medieval Tibetan kingdom known as the southernmost kingdom or the land of aspiration. Being politically in Nepal, it survived the political chaos and invasion that its counterpart Tibetn kingdoms went through. In the citadel of the Himalayas, the last vestiges of medieval Tibet survived until recently. 

Featured in the book '1000 places to visit before you die', the place has the reminiscence of one of the ancient Himalayan civilizations. 10,000 human dug caves with artifacts and relics dating back to 3,000 years, pre-Buddhist Bon scriptures and early Buddhist mural arts and sculptures. The earthen walled city with mud houses, palace and three monasteries date back to the 15th century. The pastoral nomads and some monasteries older than in Tibet make it one of the must to visit places in the world.    

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Road trip of Mustang

The road trip to Mustang is one of the most scenic driving tours in the Himalayas. The road follows upstream Kali Gandaki valley through the world's second deepest gorge wedged between Dhaulagiri (8,167 m) and Annapurna (8091 m) to the alpine desert like landscape of Tibetan plateaus on the other side. There are many side hikes and sightseeing both in lower and upper Mustang. Availability of luxury hotels make this journey one of the most comfortable Himalayan holidays. 

Mustang Trek

Even though the earthen walled capital of Mustang is accessed by road nowadays, it is still worth trekking.  Trekking route avoids the dirt road and traverses pristine pastures, villages and mountain passes. The route from Lomanthang crosses to the eastern highground of Kali Gandaki river and visits the hidden villages of Tange and Tetang. 

Upcoming Events

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Vesak Day 2024

Visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha for the most auspicious day, the Vesak day. This is when Buddha was born, enlightened and attained Mahaparinirvana.


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