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Nepal Walking Tour
Tiger count in Shuklaphanta
Tiger counting has begun in Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve. 17 Tigers were recorded in Shuklaphanta last year. Authorities expect the number to increase this year. Nepal has 198 Tigers across the country. News >

Upcoming Events 2014
Bisket Jatra - The spring festival, 10 April
Nepali New Year - 14 April
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Sustainable tours (Nepal & Himalayas) (P) Ltd. is a combined effort of tour experts in the Himalayas to lead positively the tourism of Nepal towards sustainable issues. Our role as a sustainable Himalayan tour operator is to help preserve local culture and natural environment by offering low impact tours that benefit both traveller and host.
We are local company from Nepal with firsthand experience to assist you craft a seamless Himalayan tour / trek that best suits your interests, fitness, schedule and travel preferences. Beside that we have a wide network of partner companies to get quick and best services in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. About 'I Tour Nepal' ›
Short Treks in Nepal
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luxury & standard lodge trek. Click !

'I Tour Nepal' travel review
... Thank you, too, for the flexibility you allowed in me to choose what "I" wanted to do and see ... and not forcing me into a cookie cutter tour. I definitely told you that I had five requests: the Potala Palace, Tiger's Nest, Bhutan, Base Camp, and that I wanted to see the country; the way the real people live. .. Somewhere along the line.... it takes a huge leap of faith to commit to such an adventure.
(28 May) Sherry Richardson, USATravel Reviews >
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* Kathmandu Day Tour Everyday
* Nepal Tour (8 days) April 14
* Tiji festival, Mustang May 13
* Tibet Overland Tour (8 days) - April 10, 25, 30, May 02.
* Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan Tour : April 10, 25 & May 10 2014

Nepal Tour packages

Nepal Tour 8 days Kathmandu Chitwan & Pokhara
Engross in the culture & architecture of Kathmandu. Cruise through scenic countryside of Nepal. Look for tiger on elephant back in Chitwan National Park. Visit the lake city of Pokahra in the Himalayan backdrop. We offer you best of Nepal within 8 days of smooth and comfortable journey.  Tour details ›

Himalayan Helicopter
Tours, Nepal

Everest Helicopter Tour
Langtang Heli Trek & more.

All Nepal Tour 12 days with Bandipur & Lumbini
12 days road trip of Nepal visits pristine hill stations, countryside, villages and heritage sites. The tour fits in visit of Chitwan, Pokhara and Lumbini - the birth place of Buddha. We make the Nepal road trip safe, smooth & exciting with side trips to Bandipur, Gorkha Tansen and other exclusive places.  Tour Itinerary ›
Nepal Tour Special 14 days - short trek & rafting
Go beyond Pokhara & Kathmandu on foot. Nepal tour combined with white water rafting and short village trek for true Nepalese experience. Camp in the pristine river beds and stay in the Himalayan villages. Trek and rafting could be custom made to meet your interest. Both camping and lodges are available. Tour Itinerary ›
Nepal Luxury Tour
Our travel experts recommend you the finest resorts and boutique hotels in Nepal. You can be in the most surreal places amid amenities to spoil you. Your transport will be the topnotch and timesaving. We keep the activities flexible to keep you entertained. We bring Nepalese hospitality with luxury. Nepal Luxury Tour ›
Muktinath, Pashupatinath & Janakpur Tour
Visit the most revered power places of Nepal. We make the most comfortable pilgrimage tour of Nepal with great value of the money. Our 8 days Nepal tour of Muktinath & Pashupatinath could be custom made to fit in visit to Janakpur & Halesi Mahadev. Tour details ›
Honeymoon in Nepal make it different !
Amid champagne, wines, chocolates, flowers and surprise gifts walk back to the history where life is relaxed. With the changing color of the Himalayas, solve the riddle of Kamashutra.  Read more ›
Buddhist Pilgrimage tour of Nepal
* Maratika cave, Halesi
* Lumbini, Kapilavastu, Ramgram
* Pharping and Namo Buddha [MORE]

Himalayan Tours (Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan)

Best of Himalayas

'Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour' - 21 days

* Kathmandu Chitwan Pokhara - Nepal
* Paro Thimphu & Punakha - Bhutan
* Kathmandu - Lhasa overland tour
* Everest North Base Camp[Click]

Lhasa Tour 4 Days (Kathmandu - Lhasa tour)
Flying is the best way to get to Lhasa, the most featured town in Tibet. Take the world's most scenic flight over the Himalayas from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Explore its over 1,000 years old impressive cultural, architectural and religious heritages amid homely comfort. Kathmandu - Lhasa tour details ›

Tibet Overland Tour 9 days (Everest base camp)
Traverse Himalayas to Tibet from the lush southern hills of Nepal. Cruise through the Tibetan plateaus dotted with serene lakes to Rongbuk monastery at the base of Mt Everest. Tour Lhasa the most dreamt city of Tibet. Fly to Lhasa and drive back to Kathmandu or custom make your Tibet tour. Details › | Join Group ›
Nepal Bhutan Tour 14 days
Bhutan and Nepal are the last Himalayan Shangri-Las. This 14 days tour includes highlights of Nepal and Bhutan. We will explore the cultural city of Kathmandu, jungle safari in Chitwan and natural sites of Pokahra in Nepal. The Bhutan tour includes visit to Thimphu, Paro and Punakha over Dochu La pass. Tour details >
Kailash Tour - Tibet

'14 days Kailash Manasarover Tour'
* Kathmandu spiritual Tour
* Manasarover tour and Parikrima
* Trek around Mt Kailash [MORE]
Family Holiday in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan
We organize private tours, hikes and treks custom designed to suit your interest. Stay in selected family suites with interconnecting bedrooms and give your kids safe Himalayan adventure custom-made to their level. Our expert team is dedicated to make a memorable family holiday in the Himalayas.
Family tour Details ›

Flight Booking Cheap and discounted flights
Since hundreds of travelers fly with us to several domestic and international destinations, I Tour Nepal has a good connection with airlines to provide best flights at fairly cheap price. Best deals are available for 'Pokhara Flight' & 'Everest sightseeing Flight'.
Check other domestic flight in Nepal ›

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