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My girlfriend and I went to Nepal over the Ramadan Holidays. Rabi was very helpful, polite and accommodating. Will definitely come back for the Himalayan Helicopter Tour!

Posted by Julborg Lubrica Africa on Sunday, July 14, 2019

Family tour Nepal review

travelling with children - Feb 24, 2017 TaraDraco, Shanghai, China

We were a bit nervous about our trip to Nepal (with three young children) and had booked our flights on a bit of a whim. Google led us to iTour and Rabindra and a quick check on trip adviser made us want to contact him.
Rabi immediately put us completely at ease. Hedesigned our whole trip for us - recommending hotels, places to visist, places to stay, even places to eat. He was very conscious that we were traveling with children. We didn't want to trek but we did want to see some of the country. The thought and effort he put into designing the trip for us meant that we had the best holiday we have ever had. We visited places that were interesting to the children as well as the adults.
The drivers and cars were great - always on time, clean and tidy.
The guides were really superb. Ram and Probin who we started the holiday with took great care to ensure everything was fine and were great at explaining what was what. Rabindra was our guide in Kathmandu and his knowledge of the city was very evident. Siva who met us from the airport was great too.
Really, these guys are great at what they do. We would highly recommend them and we'll be using them again in a couple of years when we come back for our soft adventure trip.

Solo Female Traveler review

Female trekker in Langtang after the earthquake. I did a trek to the Langtang region around mid-February 2016. I went with a porter I had gone on a previous trek with in the Annapurnas (Mardi Himal) back in December 2015. Our intended route was: Lama Hotel- Langtang- Kyanjin Gompa (to meet a couple of friends who had started earlier), then return down. We realised that we were one of the first people to resume trekking in this region following the April 2015 earthquake, which had left Langtang badly damaged. As a result, there was not much information about the condition of the region. Indeed, the couple of days leading up to the ascent to Kyanjin Gompa, we did not see any trekkers on the route, and on the way down I can count on my hand the number of people I saw. All we had to go on were the words of locals (and I am eternally grateful for my porter who did all the communicating!), whenever we were lucky enough to see them. We learned whilst already on the mountain that most of the guesthouses during this time were closed, either because it was low season or damaged by the earthquake. The only guesthouses open during this time were in Dunche, Sherpagaon, Mundu and Kyanjin Gompa.
Despite the natural beauty of Langtang, earthquake damage was apparent particularly after passing Lama Hotel (and heading toward Langtang village, which remains deserted). Up to that point, we did find ourselves trekking through 'ghost towns' and rocky terrain where landslides had occurred. I could not help but feel sadness thinking about what had happened in the beautiful valley. Once we started the ascent to Kyanjin Gompa, the landscape is absolutely breathtaking. For those considering trekking to Langtang, it is safe to trek and the it is a great opportunity to give back to the local Langtang community. It was certainly an incredible few days. However, I recommend getting information whilst on ground on the current conditions, and of course exercising necessary caution, particularly when making a pass where landslides had occurred.

Kim Chang Australia - Feb 2016

I was a lone female traveller visiting Nepal in August. Having looked at a variety of different tour companies, I was very impressed by the website of, as well as their promotion of sustainable tourism through agricultural projects and homestays. Rabi, my contact at the company, replied to all my enquiries swiftly and in great detail - which was very much appreciated. I decided to book a week’s stay in the Kathmandu homestay offered by the company, from which I would base myself for the beginning of my trip. I also booked a 10 day trek to Annapurna Base Camp via Poon Hill. The homestay was a truly fantastic experience. Rabi, Kopila, Karuna and family were incredibly welcoming, my room was beautiful, and the local bustle of Nayabazar provided a wonderful alternative to touristy Thamel. I would recommend staying here 100%. My trek was also above and beyond what I could have expected. I had a lovely guide who spoke very good English and provided interesting, engaging company for the duration of the trek. He was conscientious, kind, and looked after me very well indeed. Again, I was highly impressed in the service offered by both my guide himself and I Tour Nepal. All in all I can say that this is a tour company with a big heart, and a brain to match. The tour operators genuinely want you to enjoy your trip as much as possible, and at the same time they have a very forward-thinking approach to tourism in Nepal - promoting agritourism and local-living.
They made my trip to Nepal a truly unforgettable experience, for which I will always be grateful.

Alice Burks London - 12 May 2015

Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan Tour review

Serry Richchardson - 28 May 2017
I was so impressed with your immediate response to my initial letter of interest; as well as the myriad of my emails that you patiently answered. The others in in the first group commented on how much they appreciated your honest and quick responses.... we all concur that your interest in our desires and needs were the main reason that we went ahead with the tour. Sharon and I had also contacted other tours to get information and prices, but did not get responses or received vague and generic responses, but your personal responses hooked us to choose itrournepal.
Thank you, too, for the flexibility you allowed in me to choose what "I" wanted to do and see ... and not forcing me into a cookie cutter tour. I definitely told you that I had five requests: the Potala Palace, Tiger's Nest, Bhutan, Base Camp, and that I wanted to see the country; the way the real people live. "See the country" seemed to be called "overland" and it worked for me.
I am appreciate of your greetings, and gatherings, and briefings; of the phone calls to check in with us to be sure we were safe and sound while in other countries. All those things contribute to a feeling of caring about us and caring that we are safe and enjoying ourselves.
Bhutan was my favorite. The people were beautiful and kind. The pace was perfect for the peaceful setting. The hotel was spectacular. The food was the best of the three countries. Even though I rode the horse 2/3 of the way up to Tiger's Nest, I was not prepared for the strenuous walk the rest of the way to the Tiger's Nest. I did it, but it was a killer because of the altitude and the unevenly spaced stairs and uneven heights on the stair risers.
I acknowledge that I am a 67 year old woman who is a cowardly hiker. I found that if I just went my own pace; that I could get the job done. Fortunately, the 30 year olds in our group were very considerate of my age and lack or prowess and allowed me to go slowly and wheeze, and pant, and gasp for air. They were really good kids.
Because you are young, you don't have the ability to have the knowledge that people my age are in a bind. If they go others who are in their late 60s, they usually do not trek in, or want to push themselves, or go "out" and do things. Most of them have bad knees and bad backs and wouldn't even be able to do such a tour. But..... if I go with younger people, then I hold them back and they probably felt like there were baby-sitting me. The other three tourists, were just good people and I appreciated their character, intelligences, and kindness.
As we talked as a group, we thought there was too much religion. We all tried to learn from the tours of the temples and keep the doctrine together but found out that it varied temple to temple and that maybe each temple and each Buddha has a slight twist on some original religion. It was mind boggling and perplexing. We also pondered that maybe religion and history can't be separated; that it is impossible to filter the history out as pure history.
The book, Mustang, definitely enhanced my time in Tibet. I learned about some of the customs, the forts, the wars, the history. It make the country and the people seem to come to life. It might be good to have some such historical books like that in the van so tourists could read them the hours and hours they are driving in and out of base camp.
By the end the last two temples in Tibet, we were super saturated with temples and statues and even begged with the guide..... please, please.... no more temples. Our brains were just bulging with temples and religion. Maybe you could cut back on the number of temple tours or else have a checklist of the temple tours that the people think they would like to visit. The Fertility Temple in Bhutan and the walk through the fields to get there, and the home meal in the farm house.... was a real hit with me and definitely stands out in my mind as a favorite.
Rabi, the trip far exceeding my expectations. You are a phenomenal organizer, corresponder, and tour guide. It is very difficult to build up the nerve to go to such foreign and remote countries..... TV programs and news makes cowards of us all.
Somewhere along the line.... it takes a huge leap of faith to commit to such an adventure. Thanks to your emails..... I took the leap and had a superlative time.

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