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Festivals of Nepal

Teej the women / girl festival


Teej is one of the most festive occasions in monsoon celebrated by women and girls. The festival that falls in August 2017, is dedicated to goddess Parvati and her union with Lord Shiva. Women and girls fast during the day and dance and sing in the squares and temple premises of Kathmandu. They express themselves though duad singing and feast at night. These days Teej programs are organized by different organizations for entertainment where women's / girls' dance and feast.  

Teej is a Hundu married woman's day for her man. Married and unmarried women crowd Pashupatinath and other temples of lord Shiva. Women dressed in beautiful red saris with shining glass beads (Pote), singing and dancing is a common sight during this festival as women recall Parbati's devotion to her husband Shiva. It is believed that married women fast on this day for longevity of their husbands and will see the bond of love grow. Unmarried women fast on this day to have good looking husbands. 
Married women visit their father's homes. All daughters and sisters receive gifts from their male kin, and an elaborate feast is prepared for them. It's a loud and cheerful celebration until late at night, when strict fasting begins. The blessings of Shiva and Parbati ensure that family life will be joyous for all.

Teej festival tour
Be in Kathmandu and participate in Teej festival dancing and singing. We offer you an exclusive oppertunity to observe local culture and experience Kathmandu like local. Be in the homesaty or just join the family for the festival feast and fun.

Upcoming Festivals

Teej the women / girl festival


Teej is the women and girls\' festival celebrated with dancing and feasting in August.

Upcoming Events

Gaijatra- festival of comedy 2015

Festival of comedy – Bereaved families take out processions to remember their deceased member and to consol those deeply gravened by showing that they are not the only one. August 30

All Festivals

Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima or Buddha Jayanti festival is celebrated on full moon day of Nepali month Vaisakha (April / May).

Gai Jatra festival

Gai jatra festival is taken out to pay tribute to passed ones and to console near ones. Procession with decorated cow and group mocking the politicians and showing the plight of people marches in the street of old Kathmandu.

Tihar Festival

Tihar is the festival of lights celebrated for 5 days throughout country. Houses, temples and streets are decorated with flowers, robes and colors. oil lamps and candles are light in the evening.

Mani Rimdu Festival

Mani Rimdu festival is celebrated with mystic mask dancing, prayers and blessing by monks in Tengboche monastery of Everest national park.

New Year & Christmas in Nepal

The tourist hub of Thamel and lakeside of Pokhara celebrates English New year and Christmas with street festivals and gala dinner.

Shivaratri - the night of Lord Shiva

During Shivaratri festival hundreds of ascetics smeared in ashes and deadlocked hears, throng around Pahsupatinath temple. Devotees fast, sing and dance and keep vigil the whole night. Youngsters and ascetics smoke cannabis.

Holi- the festival of colors

Holi is a cheerful festival that breaches the enmity and helps to prosper in friendship. This is spring festival celebrating the good over bad.

Bisket Jatra Nepalese new year

The festival commemorates the divine mating and creation of off shooting of everything including the universe. The festival also celebrates the commence of spring and Nepalese new year.

Teej the women / girl festival

Teej is the women and girls\' festival celebrated with dancing and feasting in August.

Indra Jatra - festival of rain god

Indra Jatra is the most thrilling street festival of Kathmandu. The festivals have events of mask dancing and chariot procession of Kumari, the living goddess of Kathmandu.

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